List of bad/reserved usernames

This is the list of reserved usernames (pre-defined list of special banned and reserved keywords in names, such as “root”, “www”, “admin”). When we create a public system where users can choose a login name or a sub-domain name, we use this list to define which user names can not be used. The login authentication software verifies if the username is in this black list in the register validation process. Some...

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Blur Background

Last day I went to, and stop by its login form. It took me a couple of f*cking minute to figure it out. Blur background? Hmm.. It looks nice. Most of us created a black/white background color for popup background and decrease the opacity to create transparent background. Blur is one of CSS filter properties, CSS filters provide a method for modifying the rendering of a basic DOM element, image, or video. CSS filters allow for...

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Extend your iOS 7 phone’s battery life

So, all is started from me.. turn to be iOs user.. It’s almost 4 years, being a friend of Android. NO exact reasons I’m moving to iOs. I just wanna try something yang baru and I love both of them :).  Okay, let’s begin.. Ars Technica discovered, iOS 7 kills battery life faster than iOS 6.x. There are so many fabulous features on iOS 7 and it is not helping our battery life. So, here we go, I’ve got some tips to help you...

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Administration-side Ajax function handler

WordPress theme or plugin developer will familiar with this topic. Since Ajax is already built into the core WordPress administration screens, adding more administration-side Ajax functionality to your plugin is fairly straightforward. The question is can we do that in our own framework? Of course dude. This section describes how to do it. In this example I used one of the most popular php framework; CodeIgniter. Why? I hate this question and...

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Bootstraps Pagination

A hundred of table rows is not a problem anymore. Simply create your own pagination function to fix this up. I just wanna share how to built look n feel your pagination with while using bootstraps as your CSS-based design templates. In this case i just combined input-group and input-group-btn, it’s easy since bootstraps has provided it. Here is how I built my pagination look n feel: Function PHP /** * Build pagination link * * @param...

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Chester See – I’m Falling for You (cover)

Chester See is an actor, musician, singer-songwriter, and comedian whose work has spanned traditional entertainment and new media. Chester see may be best know as a content creator on his self-titled YouTube channel (, which is quickly approaching 100 million views and is in the Top 30 YouTube comedy channels on the platform. His channel features a range of content including comedic sketches, dramatic shorts, a...

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Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova – Falling Slowly (cover)

Have you watched the movie, huh? Dammnnn.. It’s so f*cking good. I really, really, really recommend this movie. Vote up!! Here is the synopsis. I dare you, you will love this movie. You will not stop crying like a baby (I was the victim :().. Apache Intro: C F Am F F C F I dont know you but I want you C F All the more for that C F Words fall through me and always fool me C F And I cant react Am G F G Am Games that never amount to more...

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